The Museum of Nature and Humankind collects and exhibits the naturalistic collections of the University of Padua, the result of over 300 years of research and cataloguing.

This invaluable scientific, historical and cultural heritage is enhanced, narrated and made accessible to all thanks to a new, multimedia, interactive and exciting exhibition itinerary.

Here are just some of the wonders that make it worth visiting us!

  • Ledro and the stilt houses

    The pile-dwelling village of Ledro

  • Rocks to shape

    Buildings, roads, statuary, architectural ornaments, floor coverings and...

  • The Lost Skull of Petrarca

    The Lost Skull of Petrarca

  • Sabre-Tooth Tiger

    Smilodon fatalis, the famous sabre-tooth tiger: this original specimen is the only one of its kind..

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth

    360° immersive projection room

  • The Venice elephant

    For the Carnival of 1819, some exotic animals were brought to Venice

  • Leatherback sea turtle

    The leatherback sea turtle is the largest extant species of turtle.

  • Asia

    A significant part of the exhibits in the room belong to the collection of Henry of Bourbon

  • Palm Tree Hall

    In this room, fossils of plant species are displayed, maintaining the captivating original layout