On Saturday, September 30th, will be a special day awaits to visit the Museum of Nature and Humankind. Exhibits and rooms will spring to life, thanks to the presence of conservators, scientific referents and several university lecturers who will share fascinating insights every half hour along the tour route.

This itinerary promises to animate the entire Museum, from the exceptional gift of the “Pope’s turtle” in the rooms of Palazzo Cavalli to the discovery of the Palm Room, to the mineralogy rooms with the possibility of “touching falling stars” and discovering the relationship between humans and natural resources; from rocks and fossils such as the Bolca fish, which narrates tales of a distant past, and the Nile hunter-gatherer-fishermen’s pottery, as well as the talking tablets of Easter Island. Dive into the world of marine fragility, explore in-depth studies on the apneas of marine animals, and uncover how mammals have adapted to flight.

For the little ones, there will be an animated reading in the Sea Room, along with a step-by-step treasure hunt and activities in the Museum courtyard ‘A Sea of Shapes: a coral reef very close by!’ and ‘Be sapiens: the tangled maze of human evolution!

For the occasion, the Museum will remain open until 8 p.m. Participation in the activities inside the Museum is included in the special admission ticket on September 30th (€6 for adults, free for children and young people up to 25 years of age). The same applies to the Botanical Garden. Outdoor family activities in the Museum courtyard are free of charge.